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Unlimited Test Package w/ELDT CDL B, P/S - 120 Hours Credit Course

Unlimited Test Package w/ELDT CDL B, P/S - 120 Hours Credit Course


***Unlimited - 120 Credit Hrs.***

CDL B, P/S - Automatic # B120 Unlimited Group Training 120 Hours Credit Course;

This course offers an extensive CDL B, P/S training program with 120 credit hours, specifically designed to meet the needs of most freight and fleet companies. Here is a detailed overview of the components included:

  1. Free Quiz Questions and Answers Book: Facilitates the relatively easy acquisition of the CDL permit.
  2. Online ELDT Course: Covers the FMCSA required 48-72 modules.
  3. Unlimited Vehicle Information and Pre-Trip Inspection Training: Includes classroom and simulation training.
  4. GPS and ELD Training Program (10 hours): Equips students with essential skills for compliant driving and smooth adaptation to the new work environment after obtaining their driver's license.
  5. Behind-the-Wheel Practice Driving (30 hours): Involves driving on local city roads (speed 25-40) and highways (speed 45-55), including 5 different kinds of reversing range practice.
  6. Group Observational Behind-the-Wheel and Range Training (80 hours): Allows students to observe and learn from others.
  7. Unlimited DMV Road Tests: Ensures students have ample opportunity to pass.
  8. Unlimited Road Test Appointments and DMV Fees: Includes $40 per test fee and the use of a tractor-trailer for the road test.
  9. Free Question Books, Pre-Trip Inspection Sheets, Materials, Fill-in Forms, and Consultation: Provides all necessary study materials.
  10. 120 Credit Hours with FMCSA Record Updates: Ensures compliance and proper documentation.


 Training is divided between group practice in the Queens training yard and 1:1 local and highway driving practice.


Special Package Details

  • Validity: This package is valid for 1 year, with a recommendation to complete within 3 months.
  • Unlimited Attendance: Courses and exams can be attended unlimited times, but adherence to the driving school’s learning plan is required.
  • Final Sale: No returns or refunds. Understanding and agreeing to the cancellation policy upon registration is mandatory.
  • Re-scheduling or Cancellation: Requires paying the course fee again if the policy is defaulted.



  • FMCSA ELDT Certificate of Completion: Awarded upon completing the course.
  • Certificate of Training Completion: Recognizes the student's hard work.
  • NYS Education Department Requirement: A minimum of 80% class attendance is required to graduate.



By signing up, the learner agrees to the J&S Reliance Driving School cancellation policy and understands the stipulations regarding rescheduling or canceling.

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