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About Us



FMCSA Training Provider,
NYS CDL Driving School,
NYC Training Provider,

Hempstead-NY Training Provider,

  We are a licensed NYS CDL driving school located in East Elmhurst, NY 11369, a certified training provider for FMCSA, NYC WorkForce-1, Hempstead... 


  Since 2014 our School provide FLEXIBLE English instruction, 2nd auxiliary language (Mandarin Chinese, Spanish) Training Program for :

  *CDL (class A) Tractor-Trailer, 货柜车, CDL (clase A) Tractor-Trailer.


  *CDL (class B-P/S) Passenger Bus and School bus, 大巴车,校车, CDL (clase B-P / S) Autobús de pasajeros y autobús escolar.


  *(class M) Motorcycle / Scooter, 摩托车, (clase M) Motocicleta / Scooter,


  *(class D) Car, 汽车, (clase D) Coche.

    At J&S, we pride ourselves on offering an efficient and streamlined training experience. We're the only driving school in NYC boasting our own dedicated training yard. Furthermore, for consistency in training, our fleet consists of three manual and two automatic tractor-trailers, all of which are the same year, brand, and model. Additionally, we stand out as the only driving school in NY equipped with a SIMULATOR.


    Each of our students receives a printed copy of a pre-trip inspection crafted by our experts. We also equip them with practical tips on shifting using RPM and MPH, as well as strategies to alleviate leg pain while driving. The "super heavy" clutch in our trucks is characteristic of the 10-speed heavy-duty models, which are manufactured without an assistant pump. However, we've got our trainees covered with proven tips to mitigate leg fatigue.


    J&S is dedicated to offering all-encompassing training in commercial driving, blending classroom instruction with real-world driving practice. We are unwavering in our commitment to ensure that our students are primed with top-tier training, positioning them competitively in the trucking industry. With J&S, you're on the path to acquiring the expertise needed to thrive as a commercial driver.

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