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About Us


FMCSA Training Provider.
NYS CDL Driving School.
NYC Training Provider.

  We are a licensed NYS CDL driving school located in East Elmhurst, NY 11369, a certified training provider for FMCSA and NYC WorkForce1.


  Since 2014 our School provide FLEXIBLE English instruction, 2nd auxiliary language (Mandarin Chinese, Spanish) Training Program for :

  *CDL (class A) Tractor-Trailer, 货柜车, CDL (clase A) Tractor-Trailer.


  *CDL (class B-P/S) Passenger Bus and School bus, 大巴车,校车, CDL (clase B-P / S) Autobús de pasajeros y autobús escolar.


  *(class M) Motorcycle / Scooter, 摩托车, (clase M) Motocicleta / Scooter,


  *(class D) Car, 汽车, (clase D) Coche.

  In order to provide our students with an easier and shorter training time, we are the only driving school located in NYC with our own training yard, the 3 Manual & 2 Automatic tractor-trailer uses the same year, brand, and model of tractor-trailers, and the only driving school in NY with a SIMULATOR. 

  In addition, we also provide each student with a printed out copy of a pre-trip inspection written by us, tips and tricks on how to shift using RPM and MPH, and how to relieve leg pain when driving. As for the clutch being “super heavy” it is because it is a 10-speed heavy-duty truck, manufactured without an assistant pump. But we also give all trainees tips on how to relieve leg fatigue.

  Thank you for choosing us, participating in our rigorous teaching, and the trainees who successfully completed the training in a short time have obtained license and changed their lives...

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