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J&S Reliance Driving School
Cancellation & Policy Agreement

   Terms and Conditions, please read these Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "Terms and Conditions") carefully. These Terms and Conditions apply to the services offered by J&S Reliance Driving School. All students are advised that the cancellation policy becomes effective upon registration. We understand that circumstances may arise and a student may want to re-schedule or cancel a course after paying the required registration fee. Since our class sizes are limited and we incur substantial costs to prepare and host scheduled courses, we must enforce the following refund policy:

ELDT - entry-level driver training


   The Online courses Package are FINAL sales, Non-refundable, Non-transferable, Cancellation of the course is considered a waiver, and additional courses will be charged again.


Cancellation And Refund Policy

 Refund of Tuition Fee


    After a student register in our school, we will provide them with question books, pre-trip inspection sheets, materials, fill-in forms and consultation as needed. We will devote our energy and time to provide students with the best possible instruction so that they are prepared for their driving exam and road test.

  • Before Lessons Taken

   Should any student need to cancel their registration within 24 hours of registering, they will receive a full refund. Should a student need to cancel such registration any time thereafter but before attending any classes, the school will retain 30% of their tuition fee up to $600.00 and return the balance of such fee. Notwithstanding same, should a student choose to re-register within a period of one year, the 30% will be credited towards the tuition fee in effect at that time.

  • After Lessons Taken

   The tuition fees can be refunded before the first road test or the completion of 60% of the Lessons, whichever happens earlier. The students agree to pay for whatever services the J&S Reliance Driving School has provided to them, such as 30% up to $600.00 tuition fee as the administration fee, cost of each class before package discount and $40.00 CDL or $10.00 Class D/M 3rd up road test fee for DMV.

  • Non-refund

   The tuition fee is nonrefundable after the first road test or completion of 60% of the classes.


Lessons & Road-test Appointment Cancellation


    When you confirm your lesson and road test appointments at J&S Reliance Driving School, you reserve a spot that then becomes unavailable to others. Please text us immediately at 718-205-6789 if you realize you cannot make your appointment. For practice lessons, cancel at least 24 hours in advance and for road tests, cancel at least 96 hours (4 days) in advance. These cancellations must be made between 9 AM and 3 PM from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. This advance notice allows other students the opportunity to book the freed-up slot. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a fine equal to the cost of the missed lesson or test.


    No Cancellation Fee;

  1. NO CANCELLATION FEE- will be applied for any Practice Lesson cancelled or rescheduled at least by 3:00pm during working day prior to your scheduled appointment time.  (*working day exclude weekends and holidays).                             

  2. NO CANCELLATION FEE- will be applied for any Road Test cancelled or rescheduled by you provided that 96 hours (4 days) during working day advance notice is given before your scheduled appointment time.  (*working day exclude weekends and holidays).                                                           

    Fees for No Show;

  1. CDL-A $240.00, CDL-B (P/S) $220.00, Class-D $50.00, Class-M $85.00, NO SHOW CANCELLATION FEE- will be charged for any Practice Lesson that is scheduled and not attended.

  2. $350.00 for CDL A/B, $80.00 for Class D, $240.00 for Class M, NO SHOW CANCELLATION FEE- will be charged for any Road Test that is scheduled and not attended.


Payment Plan

   Installment Payment Plan:

  • Designed for student taking 18 hours or more of lessons.

  • A 50% down payment of the total fee is required at the time of booking.

  • The remaining 50% balance must be settled before the scheduled class appointment date. 

   Payment Agreement:

  • The payment agreement will be thoroughly discussed during the booking and course selection process.

  • Kindly adhere to the payment schedule outlined in the agreement, as no exceptions can be accommodated. 


  Payment Policy

  ⦁ A down payment shall be required upon scheduling all driving school services. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  ⦁ All payments are due as per the above payment plan according to your scheduled appointment(s).

  ⦁ Cancellation fees are due immediately.

  ⦁ If payment is due and a payment has not been made on or before the day of the scheduled appointment, as listed above, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel the appointment.

  ⦁ Check Acceptance Policy: Checks should be made payable to J&S Reliance Driving School with your current address listed, as well as a valid contact number. If your check is returned for any reason, a $35.00 processing fee will be assessed. You must make good on your payment within 14 days, including the added assessment fee. Should we need to pursue the collection of any fees, you will be responsible for all recovery and court costs, including reasonable attorney fees.

  ⦁ Postdated checks are not accepted.


Learner Permit information 

    It is your responsibility to obtain, verify, and ensure the accuracy of your New York State Learner's Permit

  •   Please be advised that students are responsible to obtain their NYS Learner Permit. Please review all the information on your NYS Learner Permit for accuracy. Make sure you are eligible to take the exam, that your permit is still valid and not expired, the permit is clearly legible and not laminated, that tape has not been applied to the front of the permit, and that you have the most recently issued permit with you. If you arrive at a testing center for an exam and the information on your permit is not correct, you are not eligible, the permit is expired, the permit is not legible or torn/ripped in a manner that has caused illegibility, the permit has been laminated or tape has been applied to the front, or it is not the most recently issued permit, the examiner will not be able to administer the exam to you and a cancellation fee will apply. Please review all the information on your NYS Learner Permit for accuracy.

  •   Please review and confirm the following information for accuracy.

   · Name · Address · Sex/Gender · Height · Eyes/Eye Color · Date of Birth · Medical Restrictions You, the client, are         responsible for knowing when you are eligible to take the exam. Eligibility requirement can be found in the New York DMV   (, please call us if you have questions regarding these requirements. Original documents are required, copies   will not be accepted.


Inclement Weather Policy

   We will notify students promptly if severe weather conditions necessitate appointment cancellations or rescheduling.


  •   When inclement weather occurs, J&S Reliance Driving School will evaluate the situation and will make a decision regarding any scheduled appointments based on the severity of the conditions and the need to ensure the safety of our students and our employees.

  •   All students will be contacted should we need to cancel/reschedule any appointments. Please note that if you cancel or reschedule any appointment due to inclement weather (despite the school and lessons remaining open), the above cancellation policy will remain in effect.

  •   However, if J&S Reliance Driving School cancels or reschedules any appointment(s), there will be no fee(s) applied to your account. We will do our very best to reschedule the appointment with you for a future date as quickly as possible. We thank you in advance for your patience when there is an inclement weather condition, as we will try our best to address your concerns and needs as quickly as possible.



General Responsibilities

  Students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior, actively engage with instructors, and timely pay any school-related fees.

  •  Conduct themselves appropriately in order to receive proper services and instruction.

  •  Demonstrate appropriate social conduct in order to ensure a welcoming and safe environment.

  •  Participate and follow through with recommendations from their coach and/or examiner.

  •  Interact with Instructors, Examiners, and Office Staff in a respectful manner.

  •  Promptly pay for any services they receive for which there is a fee.

  •  Provide all relevant information required for services requested.


Miscellaneous Notes

  • We cannot guarantee the use of a specific driving school vehicle for lessons or exams.

  • We cannot guarantee the same instructor or vehicle for you from lesson-to-lesson—-a change in instructor or vehicle is not grounds for cancellation.

  • We cannot guarantee the performance or results of any specific instructor.

  • We cannot guarantee the results of any exam.

  • We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify these terms upon notice to all students. Please contact us if you have any questions.  718-205-6789/ 929-496-9807 / 347-269-4001

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