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CDL Class B, P/S #B320 Bus/School Bus Beginner 320 Hours Course

CDL Class B, P/S #B320 Bus/School Bus Beginner 320 Hours Course


***NYS Training Provider Contract Courses***

CDL Class B, P/S # B320 Bus/School BusBeginner 320 Hours Course;

***Designed to meet the requirements of most School Bus, Bus and fleet companies***

  • 1), 110 hours of assist class with DMV manual book, simulation exercise by our editing quiz questions and answers, relatively easy obtaining CDL permit.
  • 2), 30 hours of the ELDT course, which includes the FMCSA required 48-66 modules and training book,
  • 3), 30 hours of vehicle information and pre-trip inspection classroom and simulation training,
  • 4), 30 hours GPS and ELD training program, designed to equip students with essential skills for compliant driving and smooth adaptation to the new work environment after obtaining their driver's license,
  • 5), 40 hours of behind-the-wheel practice driving on local city roads (speed 25-40) and highways (speed 45-55) with different speed limits and 5 different kinds of reversing Range practice,
  • 6), 80 hours Group of observational behind-the-wheel and range training.
  • 7), 2 chance DMV road tests,
  • 8), 2 Road Test Appointment and including DMV fee $40.00 x 2, Tractor Trailer for Road Test.
  • 9), Free question books, pre-trip inspection sheets, materials, fill-in forms and consultation.
  • 10), Credit hours With FMCSA Record Updates.

*Range :  Training practice in our Queens training yard.

*Public Road : 1:1 Local and highway driving practice.

I, ( learner ) agree this J&S Reliance Driving School CANCELLATION POLICY becomes effective upon registration,

I, ( learner ) understand and agreed if circumstances arise default this policy, ect re-schedule or cancel, will required to paying a course fee again.

****complete learner will get FMCSA ELDT Certificate of completion, and Certificate of Training Completion be a great recognition of the students' hard work.***

*J&S concerned by the NYS Education Department, this course requests a minimum requirement of completing 80% of class time in order to graduate.

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