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Simulation Course

Simulation Course


Simulation Course 1 x 60-min

  Samulation for Automatic & Manual transmission, to learn how to use the double clutch for 10-13-18 gears, 53 ft standard length + heavy load experience.

  This simulation course lets drivers simulate how to adapt in rainy or snowy weather, at night, and uphill sections, offset to left or right, and 90° alley dock blind spot reversing, Ect...

  The whole session can be record and viewed after returning home at your convenience.

  Synchronized with our behind the wheel training is simple and practical, making the learning more standardized and more professional.


***1:1 training practice in our Queens training office.***


I agree this J&S Reliance Driving School CANCELLATION POLICY becomes effective upon registration, I understand and agreed if circumstances arise default this policy, ect... re-schedule or cancel, will required to paying a course fee again.

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